Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's Next?

Apparently, a blog is what's next.  I've put if off long enough.

It's like your teaching partner, who places The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe in your hand and demands that you read it this summer.  It sits on the table for A While.  But once you dig in, you keep reading 'til it's finished, swearing you will also read every book referenced in this good read this summer.

It's like your brother, the cadiologist, who tells you to sip a glass of red wine every day, as if it were medicine.  And then when you splurge on a box of the good stuff...that's right, a box...Black Box Shiraz, you are a better human being with a healthier heart to boot.

The End of Your Life Book Club       +Black Box Shiraz=   

the best I can hope for at this point?

Thus it is, that while some people have trusted friends who counsel them to go skydiving or splurge on that candy red convertible, my trusted friends and professional colleagues have recommended blogging to me.  Slowly I have come to understand that keeping up with a blog might be not only good for me, but also satisfying, life-giving--enjoyable, even.

So I'm gonna give it a try.

I hope to show myself, and whatever readers I may accumulate, that a restless preoccupation with What's Next? is the way to growth and happiness, which is not to say we are doing the wrong things, and doing them poorly as some would have us believe.  Just that, well, sometimes those who care about us are right...it's time to grow.  It's time to consider: What's Next?


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Your post is fun to read and leaves me ready for what's next from this bloger… Love your voice !

  2. Margaret,
    Somehow you took the thread of "what's next" and wove it beautifully through this piece. The stories you used to help us to see why you have started and where you are headed make me want to return to read more. Welcome to the crazy blogging community. I look forward to following your journey and learning from all you have to share.

    Can't wait to see "what's next,"

  3. this is a test run--love your new blog, you already know what I think :)